Significant figures, units, and density
Paper chromatography
Fractional crystallization
Chemical formulas & equations
Chemical interactions (metathesis reactions/precipitation reactions)
Gravimetric determination of silver in a dime
Formula of a hydrated crystal
Synthesis of magnesium oxide
Mass-mole relationships in a chemical reaction
Molar volume of H2 gas
The ideal gas law (molar mass of butane)
Qualitative analysis: Group I cations
Qualitative analysis: Group III cations
Qualitative analysis: spot tests
Redox Titration: Percent iron (II) in a salt by permanganate titration
Constructing molecular models (molecular geometry lab)
Calorimetry: determination of specific heat of a metal
Determination of enthalpy change associated with a reaction
Determination of molar mass by freezing-point depression
Acid-catalyzed iodination of acetone
Salt hydrolysis and pH
Preparation and properties of buffer solutions
Potentiometric titration
Determination of concentration by acid-base titration, including a weak acid or weak base
Determination of unknown concentration of Co2+ using Beer’s Law
Keq for formation of [FeSCN2+] ion
Synthesis and Analysis of a Coordination Compound
Activity series of metals
Electrochemical Cells
Synthesis of aspirin
Synthesis of a polymer